Friday, December 30, 2011


-This is the contemporary example about a singaporean musician who nowadays works in NL He explores the origins of Folk, maybe we could invite him for a coffe at Sandberg or in Amsterdam???

From OMN:

About Marc Chia > ONE MAN NATION

“Chia’s artistic identity is one that defies the artificial borders and boundaries of the modern nation state. Going beyond the notion of the individual simply as a constituent of a nation and its projected cultural identity, he bypasses the need for mass appeal or approval and instead subscribes to the independent nature that characterises folk – the resistance to a canon.”June Yap

Marc Chia aka One Man Nation (b.1982, Singapore) is a musician with a background in media and sound art who graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, NL). He investigates social and psychological situations related to tradition and its progression, the future through the eyes of history, and spirituality in technology via the medium of sound and performance.

He currently splits his time between Europe and Asia where he is developing The Future Sounds Of Folk in collaboration with Steim as well as co-directing The UnifiedField collective and art space in Granada (Spain) with Marta Moreno Munoz.

Past and current collaborations include but not limited to Pierre Bastien, C-drik Fermont, Dr Truna, Kato Hideki, Hilary Jeffrey, Richard Scott, Machinefabriek, Alfredo Genovesi, Soopa Collective, Iman Zimbot, Bambu Wukir and has performed internationally at the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), ISEA (Ruhr), Mapping (Geneva), Piksel (Bergen), MEM (Bilbao), STEIM Jamboree (Amsterdam), Makeart (Poitiers), Fete 0.1 (Orléans) and SummerLAB (Gijon) amongst others.

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  1. Great idea! Can you ask him to come and visit us at the Sandberg Institute on the 27th. We'll choose a time depending on if we have a full preparation session or just our dinner... But would be good to know if he is willing that day!